What You Guys Said:

  • “An amazing combination of technology, language, friends and community that gives children and teens such an empowering experience.

    This is our 3rd year at camp and once agian my kid came back happy and filled with stories. Thank you the the unbeliveable staff, it is truly one of the best things I can do for my daughter.

    Alona, Karkur, Israel
  • “Even months after camp is over she can’t stop speaking about what shes been through at camp and about all of her Israeli friends and how they cant wait to meet her agian. It’s amazing to witness the meaningfull relation ships she made in two weeks, the kind of friendship that never happens during the course of a regular year.

    Julie’s dad, France
  • “I suddenly found out I love things I never thought I would, such as app development. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t feel like school at all, it feels like you are just hanging with your best friends”

    Racehl, New York
  • ” A very meaningful exprience.

    Within just one week we bonded with the group and counselors on a level I could never expect. I thought the hard part will be the beginning of camp, but I found out the hardest part was at the end – saying good bye to all my new friends and an amazing experience.”

    Angie, Italy
  • “It was the best experience of my life. I’ve learned so many new things, met amazing people and made TONS of new friends.”

    Ga’ash, 15 , Israel
  • Jeff came back home yesterday and now in an unstoppable mode talking about the friends and interesting things of camp. He loved everyone and started missing you all:-)

    Thank you all for taking good care of him and a special thanks to the group and workshop counselors who always kept me updated, hope to see you guys all again next summer.

    Anna, Jeff’s mom