The magic of summer camp in Israel – How does it happen?

Let’s talk about self-empowerment.

Summer camp is the perfect opportunity to grow, develop, mature, meet new friends from all over the world, expand your interest and gain life-time experiences. BIG IDEA international summer camp in Israel has been doing exactly that for the past 12 years
Often parents tell us that their child come back from camp totally different and he or she can’t wait for next year to come!
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• No parents:

On a more personal note,
Besides the unforgettable experiences, new friends and new technological skills, summer camp in Israel is the best opportunity to develop and self-empowerment. One of the reasons for that is the fact that the camp is without parents ?‍♂️
Though parents are away, the environment is supportive and enabling, the children discover new things about themselves, that when they are with their parents, they don’t need to look for it. Skills such as independence, responsibility and others will get stronger at camp.
An environment without parents will help campers to discover and reinvent themselves.

• Express yourself in a new ways:

The workshops at BIG IDEA are a tool to express the teen’s interests, inner world and passion. The campers choose their own field of interest at camp and that is what creates commitment, motivation, excitement, and fun.

• Multiculturalism:

At our camp, we focus on accepting the other and embracing the differences between us. At BIG IDEA summer camp in Israel you will meet campers from over 30 countries, different cultures, languages and one big celebration of diversity.
The environment at camp create lots of curiosity and opening, without judgment.

• Say goodbye to your smartphone:

Camp without phones gives the campers the opportunity to be present and not to get distracted by their phones. Everyone is there at the same time and place, sharing the same experiences. You can only have this kind of intensive shared experience, when you put your phone away for 2 weeks and concentrate at camp.

• Social and interpersonal skills:

At camp the connections between the campers are real and not behind the screens. Real connections, based on shared interests and experiences, that the campers are achieving during the day. The full presence of the staff who helps create those friendships helps the campers create strong relationships.

• Free to be who you want to be

Summer camp in Israel is so different from the day to day life, is a great opportunity to break their own social image and to reinvent themselves at BIG IDEA.
The campers tell us that they don’t know how to explain it but at camp, they feel accepted and that they can be who they really are.

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