What were your impressions with BIG IDEA Israel Summer Camp of 2018?

As soon as summer ends we get to hear all of your stories and how much fun you had in camp. It makes us so happy hearing about your child’s emotional, funny and meaningful experiences, but, this time we wanted to share what you, the parents (that’s right! You!) have to say about their child’s summer.

– The counselors are leading interpersonal connections and act as a role model


BIG shout out to Yael that shares her daughters empowering and enriching experience at camp:

“All the things she learned about herself in camp, her new abilities to face struggles and social challenges, those are the thing she will take with her for the rest of her life” – The relationships your child creates and their self-empowerment means the world to us and reflect the true values we share here at BIG IDEA Summer camp. Innovation and imagination can be found in any child, we just escort them.
Yael also shared warm words about the staff so we just had to share –
“A massive props to an amazing and lovely team that escorted her (and me with all my phone calls). From counselors to unit heads and support staff, who always landed us an ear and a shoulder and ensuring my child will have the best time for two weeks”.

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Growth, excitement and curiosity

Michael’s (9 Y\O) mom moved us with a story about the change her son experienced in BIG IDEA Israel summer camp:
“Well… with all the pressure I felt when my son was at camp I only have one thing to say – THANK YOU! You are doing a fantastic job, I don’t even know what you are doing that makes it so amazing, he came back happy, so so happy!”
– WOW! The joy Michael came back reflects exactly what summer camp is all about. It’s not just an empowering meaningful summer, it’s about taking it along with you anywhere you go, explore and fulfill your child’s potential! We can’t wait to see Michael next summer!


An international experience

Summer camp may have ended several months ago but Julie’s dad is astounded by the relationships she made in camp: “Even months after BIG IDEA she tells me about all of her experiences in Israel, Julie talks to her friends from summer every day and they are already planning to fly and visit her! It’s amazing that in two weeks they can create bonds that they wouldn’t make anywhere else during the year” – So many compliments ? its super fun to hear about the meaningful relationships you guys are creating during the summer and manage to maintain them all over the globe, we are waiting to see pictures from the trip and meet you all at camp!

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