Why Have I Decided to Send My Child to an Israel Camp This Summer?

Sending your child overseas for a summer camp is never an easy decision for any parent, and it is probably easier to just say “No” and forget about the whole thing. So, why have I decided to say “Yes” and send my child to summer camp in Israel? Two words: Big Idea.

It’s More than Just Summer Camp in Israel

One of the main reasons I’ve decided to send my child to summer camp in Israel is because I knew that with Big Idea’s summer camp program – kids can gain so much more. Big Idea’s summer camps in Israel have opened my child to a whole new world of exciting possibilities – from robotics and gaming to developing special computer skills that he might never have gotten elsewhere. My child returned home so excited and thrilled because while other kids spent their summer playing computer games, he actually got the chance to build one!

A Jewish Camp in Israel

Another aspect that I’ve found important in Big Idea’s summer camp program is the easy going and natural connection that this program offers its campers to Jewish tradition and to Israel. My child came back home from the Israel camp with wonderful stories of unique and friendly Shabbat services that were held at camp and of all of the new friendships he created during his time there – with Jewish kids his age from all over the world who share interests, and who’ll make a sound network for future days to come.

A Once in A Lifetime Experience

After all has been said and done, the reason I’ve decided to send my child to Big Idea’s summer camp in Israel is because I knew that with Big Idea’s unique technological camps, I’m giving my child much more than a summer camp in Israel, I’m giving him a once in a lifetime experience.

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