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Escape Rooms

Workshop General Info

Are you ready? You’ve got 60 minutes to find the hidden key which will release you from the haunted house or you will be locked inside forever!
Riddles, Puzzles, Locks and hidden rooms, Get inside the mystery world of escape rooms, Explore the huge variety of Puzzles, riddles and impressive challenges while using unique locks and missions you will develop and create by yourselves.
Create a cleaver detective tale and build a set for your room. After you finish creating your escape room you can invite your friends and run the room like true professionals!

#Logic #Brainpower #Design

How It Feels Like:

Workshop Includes

  1. Learn how escape rooms are built and what makes a successful Escape room.
  2. Solve and develop different riddles and challenges
  3. Create a story, build a set and choose the best suitable background sounds.
  4. Develop a set of challenges, riddles and locks to complete your escape room.
  5. Run your escape room at the ending of the camp

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