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Photography Beginners

Workshop General Info

Take stunning photos with digital cameras and learn to master the different settings & modes. Go deeper in to what makes a photo interesting. Create a gallery, select your favorite photo and get a large print you can take home and hang in your room.

#DSLR #Focus #Shutter #StrikeaPose

How It Feels Like:

Workshop Includes

  1. Learn digital photography basics
  2. Explore the camera features
  3. Experience different common scenarios in shooting
  4. Composition - golden ratio, utilize and framing a picture
  5. Experience macro and nature shooting
  6. Gain basic photo editing skills
  7. Receive your best picture printed!


  1. ידע בהפעלה בסיסית של מצלמה דיגיטלית
  2. אהבה לצילום

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