We always love to hear what campers have to say about their time at BIG IDEA summer camp in Israel. After 2 weeks at BIG IDEA summer camp, campers gain so many new experiences and friendships, and when they put it down in writing – their stories really moves us. Here is what campers wrote us after last summer:

Nataniella Bernstein, Israel:
“So, at the beginning I was very worried about going to camp because I was all by myself and I didn’t know anyone, but now I’m already a regular camper at BIG IDEA for the last 3 years and it’s like my second family”.


Roei Adler, Israel:
“I heard about the camp while it was still called e-camp and I thought that what you do there is just sit in front of the computer all day, but that’s what I thought before I actually got to the camp. I was excited all the time there: It’s two weeks of cool technology with kids from all around the world how can you not be excited? By the second day I realized that I was wrong. It’s true that you use the computer most of the time, but you also meet other kids at the pool and make friendד from all around the world, you have sports and crafts, circle of friends, morning circle, bonfires, etc. And I still haven’t mentioned the trip (actually now I just did). Everything was just “Madhimazing” (except maybe the food which was …. ok) .The hardest part was (not to leave the family for two weeks, that’s actually the easy part) saying goodbye to the friends, staff and camp on the last day (the floor was very wet…) and I promised myself I would come back the following year and I actually did come back as CIT (counselor in training) and the part I remember most is that after I made “circle of friends” with another counselor to one of the groups a girl from the group hugged me (??) and from that moment on I knew I wanted to be part of this camp for a very long time. And if all this does not convince you to come to camp so maybe the idea two weeks “parents- free” will”.

Stephanie Schein, USA:
“When I first applied for BIG IDEA, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know anyone and I thought that this might prevent me from having a good time. Once they announced the info session and I attended, I met people and heard their experiences. Because I had the chance to hear what it’s like to be there, it made me feel a little bit more comfortable and it got me more excited about this program. When I actually got to BIG IDEA camp in Israel, I felt these vibes of excitement everywhere and saw how passionate people were about technology and Israel. I instantly met so many people from all over the world, which was really cool, and I really found my place in the camp. Everyone was so welcoming and it made you feel like I was part of the family. I had the most amazing time there, and hopefully this will encourage you to take this leap of faith and try Big Idea. You never know what might happen if you travel to another country for a few weeks. For me, it was a life-changing experience and really opened my mind to all the different cultures and countries around the world as well as allowed me to explore the field of technology in a deeper perspective.”


Mathew Giladi, USA:
“At first I was scared and had no idea what was going to happen. By the end of camp, I understood that these two weeks would change me forever and help make me who I am today. How could I not want to go back to Israel?!”


Michal Nudelman, Israel:
“BIG IDEA for me was the best experience I have ever had! I was scared when I first went there (I’m probably not the only one…) but on the very first minute I got there, I was surrounded by so many “Madhimazing” people! I’m so thankful for this camp and i will never forget any summer I spent there


Joelle LeMond, USA:
“So when I first when to the summer camp in Israel I was really nervous because the last camp that I went to was awful! All of the people were awful, and so I decided to come to BIG IDEA. Little did I know that BIG IDEA tech camp would be my home for the next 5 years…When I first got to camp I met my roommates and the people that were in my group. I also met other people that were in my units and they were all really amazing! That year I made one of my best friends, who I can still count on and talk to. Over the years I have made more and more friends and it is always amazing when one of my friends comes to NYC and I get to see them. I think that my past experiences at camp have made me the person that I am today and I would highly recommend it for everyone.”


Ayelett Ben Ari, Israel:
“When I first came to BIG IDEA I was scared because I came alone with no friends. But then during camp I was surprised to discover that BIG IDEA camp welcomes everyone, everyone is a one big family. The workshops were great, I learned a lot, and the counselors were awesome. This summer is going to be my 5th year (!) going to camp. You might wonder; “why would she come back to the same camp over and over again?” The answer is simple, the workshops keep changing and renewing and the managers, Dotan and Nir, make sure to keep it fresh. Plus, new people keep coming too, and everyone is so nice. In the summer camp I met my best friend, her name is Rachel. Even though she lives in America and I live in Israel, we are still very close. I thank BIG IDEA summer camp so much for exposing me to people from all around the world, and opening me up to a whole new world I never knew, which is technology.”


Yam Aloni, Israel:
“At first I thought that it will be very hard for me because I had never stayed alone without my parents for 2 weeks long. I was 9 years old and I was very scared, but then my mom started speaking with the counselors and I found out they were very nice, I agreed staying in the camp for two weeks and from then on…This year will be my fourth year, fifth session! I LOVE THE CAMP! Every year I am just waiting for the camp to start but it’s not easy, it’s not easy to wait 12 months and then realize that 2 weeks is a very short time…”


Pe’er Berger, Israel:
“So, my first thoughts of BIGIDEA were “OMG! What am I doing? I don’t know this place, and now I’m going be there all by myself for two whole weeks!” But then I told myself to calm down and that everything is going to be just fine. Eventually, it turned out to be so much more! I have met some awesome people from a lot of faraway places, and they were so special and crazy (in a good way) just like me! and it is very hard for me to find people like me in my everyday life but at BIG IDEA tech camp it happens all of the time. BIG IDEA is my happy place – where every second is funny, interesting and exciting, Most of the time it’s all together! BIG IDEA is my haven.”


Jeremy Berguig, France:
“salut tout le monde c’est Jérémy! alors, je suis là aujourd’hui pour vous parlez de BIG IDEA, alors BIG IDEA c’est quoi ? c’est la meilleure colonie de vacances de ma vie, c’est un super moment à passer entre amis, apres si on a pas d’amis on apprend tres vite à connaitre les gens, on a pleins d’ateliers le matin ‘ moi par exemple j avais pris photographie, java programming et martial arts donc c’est vraiment different à chaque fois, il y a aussi surf, dj… Enfin il y en a tellement que je ne pourrai pas tous vous les donner… Donc c’est vraiment une cooך que je vous conseille. L’apres midi on a des jeux donc au debut on apprend a se connaitre, puis apres tout le monde se connait c’est vraiment genial.. Apres je ne peux pas tout vous dire car il y a beaucoup de surprise mais venez les decouvreurs avec nous l’annee prochaine allez salut à bientot j’espere” “…BIG IDEA is the best Summer Camp there is. You make new Friends all of the Time and I will definitely go back next year!”

Greta Rossi, Italy
“I love camp so much! I think it is the most fun! I am about to sign up for the Third time now, because everytime I go, there is something new that makes summer camp so Special! The camp is located in a very Beautiful area, it is full of Plants, and the labs and the Dorms are really good. There are bunch of workshops that you can choose from: coding, photography, animation, fashion, martial arts and more! There is also a great swimming pool where you can spend your Unplugged sessions with friends. People are great, they come from all around the world and seriously, you are surrounded by amazing people. They are also fun, different and it is like a big family! counselors are great, and you can always count on them! There are a lot of parties and other things that they create, that are all so much fun! This summer camp in Israel makes you grow up. It is such a Special where place you meet so many new people that you stay in touch with for years. I can’t wait to be there next year!”


My Friends from Big Idea
“When I first came to Big Idea, it was called ecamp. I was 13 years old, and I had never been to summer camp before. I expected to have fun and maybe make one or two friends, but I didn’t expect having that much fun and meeting this many AWESOME people! Till this day, I’m friends with people from my 1st year, and every year I am making more friends. In Big Idea, I meet people who understand me. I meet people who share the same interests as me in the workshops, and bond with my roommates. I also meet people from the whole camp in all the awesome activities we always have. Big Idea is the place where anyone can find their kind of people, and it’s MADHIMAZING. Also, I expend my knowledge of cultures around the world, because people from everywhere come to Big Idea! I always role play as the translator because I speak Hebrew, French and English, I love it, because I can talk to many people and introduce people to one another. Also, I always connect to my own culture, the jewish-Israeli culture on Friday. We always have a ceremony for Shabbat, in which we sing songs, dance as a group, watch the theatre workshop’s projects and mostly bond with our fellow camper.
Big Idea is my favorite place to go to in the summer, and I would never give up my experiences there for anything!”

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